Standard Firm Hourly Rates:
Paul R. Rundle                    $400            
Associates                           $175 - $275, depending on experience            
Paralegal                             $125

Contingency Fee / Blended Fee / Flat Fee:
In appropriate cases, The Rundle Law Firm also represents clients on a contingency fee basis, and on a blended hourly/contingency fee or flat fee basis. In pure contingnecy fee cases, the client pays no fees unless there is a recovery.  In blended hourly/contingency fee cases, the client pays a discounted hourly fee, and a discounted contingency fee in the event of recovery.  The percentage of contingency fee depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the case. In all cases, including contingency fee, the client is responsible to pay direct costs such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition reporter fees, and other costs.

Retainers sufficient to secure payment of fees in hourly fee representation, and to secure payment of direct costs in all cases, are standard.  Sums are deposited in the firm's attorney-client trust account, and any funds remaining at the conclusion of the representation are returned to the client.

Mailing Address
203 SE Park Plaza Drive
Suite 215
Vancouver, WA   98684
Contact Information
Portland:  503-234-1900
Vancouver:  360-882-4488
Seattle: 206-377-7100
Fax:  866-816-4006
Email:  pr@rundlelaw.com