Claims, Disputes, and Litigation
(Representation of employers only)
• Wrongful discharge
• Breach of employment contract
• Retaliation and whistleblower claims
• Erisa retaliation claims
• Breach of non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality agreements
• Misappropriation of trade secrets / intellectual property
• Defamation / Invasion of Privacy
• Employment discrimination claims
• Wage claims
• Discrimination claims
• Title VII claims
• Sexual harassment claims
• Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) claims
• Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) claims

(We do NOT handle workplace injury or non-litigation matters)

Today’s employers confront daunting challenges. While focusing on their core business, employers must also juggle the demands of employee retention, performance, and morale, while navigating a heavily regulated and ever-changing legal landscape. The expansion of available claims and remedies provides many disgruntled or opportunistic employees and former employees substantial leverage often used to attempt to extract extortionate settlements, and even judgments from sympathetic juries.

Employers must also enforce their own rights against employees or ex-employees who breach or threaten to breach non-competition or non-solicitation agreements, or disclose or exploit trade secrets and other intellectual property.

When dealing with employee claims and lawsuits, it is vital to retain the right law firm. Your attorney should be a dedicated civil litigation attorney with substantial trial experience combined with a deep familiarity with employment law and dispute resolution. I have taken approximately 70 cases to trial, the majority of them to juries. I have represented numerous employers, large and small, in a variety of employment disputes.

For instance, I recently defended a company and its principals in a $1 million federal case brought by a terminated high-level employee asserting claims under Erisa, state wage law violations, breach of employment contract, and invasion of privacy. I obtained the complete dismissal of all claims in federal court, and secured a judgment for legal costs against the plaintiff.

The explosive growth of computers, emails, and the internet has had a particularly strong impact on employment litigation. Computer forensic discovery can play a major role in obtaining critical evidence. It is an opportunity that is still underexploited by many attorneys who are unfamiliar with the process. I have significant experience with the successful use of computer forensics in discovery and am dedicated to making continuing use of that experience to my clients’ advantage whenever appropriate.

Client needs come first
I understand the desirability of allowing the client to focus on its business, and the costly distraction that any form of litigation represents. I am sensitive to the desirability of obtaining favorable settlements, make every effort to achieve them, often successfully.

However, I am also cognizant of the limited resources of many employers to fund large settlements, and the employer’s concerns about setting the wrong precedent for other potentially opportunistic employees waiting in the wings. I am accustomed to balancing these considerations to achieve results that are consistent with the employer’s own bottom line.

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