Disputes and Litigation
• Breach of construction contract
• Construction defects / negligent construction claims
• Construction liens and lien forclosures
• Claims between general contractor and subcontractors
• Project delay / acceleration claims
• Indemnity, insurance, and surety claims
• Commercial and residential construction matters

Even exercising the most diligent precautions, construction is an enterprise that suffers more than its fair share of disputes and litigation. It is the nature of the beast – multiple contracts and subcontracts, high-value subject matter, complex yet interrelated operations, handshake modifications, and a byzantine legal environment in which contract duties exist side-by-side with a panoply of statutory rights, responsibilities, and remedies.

If legal counsel is necessary to handle your construction dispute, the utmost care should be taken in selecting your law firm. It is essential that your attorney possess significant civil litigation and trial experience, but also a depth of knowledge and experience relating to construction law and litigation.

I have taken approximately 70 cases to trial, the majority of them to juries. I have represented numerous developers, owners, contractors, and subcontractors, and other parties resolving a wide variety of commercial and residential construction disputes, including through formal litigation, arbitration, and trial.

For instance, I prevailed at trial on behalf of a large commercial contractor in a $2 million dispute with the general contractor relating to payment, delay, and pass-through claims on a highway bridge construction project. I have handled and resolved many other construction disputes.

My familiarity with the construction industry and the intricacies of construction law, coupled with a real depth of trial experience, make The Rundle Law Firm a potent advocate in a wide variety of commercial and residential construction disputes.

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